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We haven't setup any tournaments yet.

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Code of Conduct
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6th Apr 2014

All members MUST understand and abide by the following "Code of Conduct," a.k.a. CoC.

[1] TLK&Q maintains a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, or harassment of any kind. Anyone harassing a TLK&Q member will be put up for removal.

2] Leaders of TLK&Q are responsible for organizing all aspects of the community. This includes meetings, Game Nights, practices and tournaments.

3] TLK&Q is a family and all members will look after one another; Loyalty and Respect is huge within the clan. This is necessary in order to keep the positive gaming environment.

4] TLK&Q members are to follow the chain of command at all times. We ask all members to use and follow your chain of command to help keep things running smoothly and to prevent unnecessary problems within the clan itself.

5] Members are encouraged to change their Gamertags within 60 days or less, but is not required in order to be a TLK&Q member unless rank COL or higher.

6] All TLK&Q members must meet the minimum Meeting Requirement of four meetings to be able to play in any TLK&Q Tournaments. This will be strictly enforced.

7] Your clan tag must always be set to TLK&Q, if you want this to be yellow, please apply to the elite team and this can be arranged.

8] TLK&Q members are to maintain a friendly and respectful environment towards TLW members and Non-members. No trolling, cheating, boosting, modding, and glitching (glitching playercard, in-game glitching.

]9] Members that become BLACK LISTED are to be removed immediately from your friend's list and they may not be played with at all or you will be removed from TLK&Q as well.

10] Founders have ultimate ruling.
NOTE: All members must follow the Code of Conduct. In official or "serious" situations, the first offense for members who break the code of conduct will receive a warning. The second offense will result in a removal from TLK&Q

Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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